NDC Communicator: Election Petition Telecast Will Deepen Our Democracy

A member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) communication team, Samuel George Nertey has lauded Chief Justice Georgina Theodora Woode for his directive to telecast live the 2012 election petition on state television.

According to him, the live telecast will help improve Ghana’s democracy and hope the outcome of the verdict will be accepted by both parties.

“The court case and the telecasting of proceeding, for us the NDC, it will deepen our democracy, it is an issue that Ghanaians will have a clear view of what the court proceedings is about. Court is not a matter of sensationalism, it’s about evidence and that is the name of the game. If you have your facts and even the petition is been telecast of DSTV, the fact will not change.

“…So for us (the NDC) this does not in any way affect the validity of our case. The NPP have no case what so ever so it’s a very simple matter. We believe in the strength of our case,” he said.

The Supreme Court authorized the live coverage of the election petition case hearing which is currently ongoing.

Chief Justice Georgina Theodora Woode gave the directive on Monday that the hearing will be telecast live by the nation’s broadcaster GTV and Radio Ghana.

Before the commencement of the substantive hearing on Tuesday, the nine panel judge unanimously ruled that all the court proceedings on the election petition case be broadcast live on TV.

“The court is setting a precedency, the next thing you will know is someone is calling for a live broadcast of Nana Addo and Justice Kpegah case. We need to set the parameters right and know on what bases do we bring cameras into the court, because there must be a particular yardstick to determine which case will merit live telecast and non-live telecast,” he said on Adom FM.

Meanwhile, he believes the live televise will help exposed nonperforming lawyers who run commentary on radio instead of the court room.