NBA: Parker is not moved by the loss of the first place in the West!

Defeated for the seventh time in a row (116-106, against the Golden State), San Antonio has lost any chance of finishing in the top of the Western Conference in favor of the Oklahoma City Thunder which won at the same time against Sacramento 104-95.

Double champion of the conference, the Spurs will begin the play-offs in the dolphin skin and might not have the advantage of the ground in the conference finals.

In the “TP Show” on RMC, the leader of the Spurs, Tony Parker , left standing, was not much moved by the loss of the crown “It is not that we drew a line on it but Oklahoma assured at its side and they are first. It was us during the previous two seasons, this time it is them. But you’re first or second in the West, it does not change much , said the Frenchman. And justified as follows: “In any case, you’re going to play a big team in the playoffs. And the advantage of the field, it does not mean much; Oklahoma proved it last year by winning at our home. If we can play well and meet Oklahoma at the Conference Finals, we will win out. ‘