NAFTI lntroduce Post Graduate Diploma In Teaching And Learning

The National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) has launched a new program called the Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning in higher education.

The Course is for lecturers and all other instructors in institutions of higher education.

Professor Linus Abraham, Rector of NAFTI said the educational field had become very competitive with several other inlets of knowledge.

He stated that students in present times, through access to facilities such as the internet and other mediums of mass communication, are different from those of earlier years.

“It is therefore important to be well equipped as lecturers and instructors in order to be on top of your job and also prove your relevance in the present age.”

Dr Kwame Asante, Director of the Institute for Educational Development and extension, said recent developments in institutions of higher education – such as lecturers having to handle much larger student populations, and the increase in the number of non-traditional students enrolling – has made it a lot more challenging to teach students of higher institutions.

The course, he added, was meant to help contain the challenges of such developments.