Justice: A French company claims more than 600 million FCFA to Didier Drogba!

Didier Drogba soon to justice? The Ivorian striker of Galatasaray is currently at the heart of a court case confronting the Acqua Nova , a Corsican company specializing in wastewater treatment. Drogba had solicited the services of this company to repair defects in the construction of his home in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.

According to Le Parisien , Drogba would have paid only 800,000 Euros to Acqua Nova, which calls for its part almost 400,000 Euros more after completing the necessary work. Added to this is the sum of 660 000 Euros in damages, and the amount of the bill is $ 1 million for the football star.

Asked about this, Mr. Sophie Jonquet of the Acqua Nova company has not hidden his “surprise” with regards to ‘the methods of a person with such income.”

From his side, Mrs. Franck Dymarski, the lawyer of Drogba, justifies this problem by “the absence of contractual documents.” He further deems that Drogba should receive a check of 452,000 Euros compared to the “overpayment on advance payments for the work.”

The decision of the Commercial Court of Ajaccio where the case is pending will be known on June 17.