ISODEC boss damns Mahama’s ‘Team B’ deputy ministerial nominees

Some of deputy ministerial nominees

Some of deputy ministerial nominees

The Director of Integrated Social Development Centre (ISODEC) has chided President John Mahama for nominating poor quality, inexperienced persons as deputy ministerial positions.

Dr Steve Manteaw at a public lecture in Accra said Ghana is in difficult times and needs experienced hands to drive the nation into prosperity.

“There is something called university of life. You need to go through life to learn certain things and if you haven’t been through life and you come up against difficult situations, sometimes the immaturity and inexperience of the person become so glaring that the person is unable to handle the situation very effectively.

“Our primary concern is that we are not in ordinary times. We are in very difficult times in terms of the social and economic experiment we are working on as a country. And it is our belief that when you are in difficult times you bring in your best to deal with it,” he said.

Likening the governance system to the game of football, Manteaw insisted that a good coach brings in his best quality materials when he is down in order to get the right results and when he is leading he then decides to bring on others who are not as experienced as the first team.

But Dr. Steve Manteaw is convinced the situation is the other way round for Mahama’s administration.

According to him President John Mahama is rather “using the reserves at a time the country is down.”

He suspected that most of the appointments were only to reward vocal party members whose efforts retained the party in power and not because the appointees were competent.

He said the president could well have appointed these reserve materials as back room staff to assist the ministers and not to appoint them into front line deputy ministerial positions.

Dr. Manteaw however singled out the deputy Justice Minister nominee Dominic Ayine for commendation, describing him as an experienced candidate for the job.