I Still Love Jim Iyke-Actress

Nollywood beauty, Steph Nora Okere, who once dated Nollywood ‘bad boy’ actor, Jim Iyke, has reportedly confessed she still loves Jim Iyke.

She described the actor as one of the best lovers she ever had. She told Nigeria’s Encomium magazine that Jim Iyke was more than a lover to her but a companion and a friend.

She did not state if there will be any possibility of the two of them coming back together as lovers or probably starting a family together as husband and wife.

According to Steph Nora, “Jim was and is still the best friend I have ever had. He was not just around, he was there as a friend, brother, lover, companion. He was always there. He understood me.”

While the two were dating in the early 2000, they were always reportedly fighting each other.