“I Can Do Better Than Some Of The New Ministers – Teye Nyaunu

Hard-talking former Lower Manya Krobo MP, Mr Michael Teye Nyaunu, has told XYZ News he can be a better Minister or Deputy Minister than some of the President’s new appointees and nominees.

He said: “…Certainly I can do better than some of them”.

Mr Teye Nyaunu was responding to questions about the competence and quality of the President’s Deputy Ministerial nominees in an interview on Monday April 15, 2013. He however refused to mention specific names of some of the Ministers and Deputies that he believes his competencies surpass.

“I don’t think that I have to mention that I can do better than A, B, C, D”, adding that: “I think that will just not be fair”, he said.

Mr Nyaunu believes he could play a very important role in the Mahama administration if given the chance.

“I would have contributed my quota but…I’ve seen that there are other people that could do better…but I think if given the chance, I could contribute my quota”.

Mr Nyaunu has, in the past, pulled no punches in criticizing his own party and its leaders.

He vehemently opposed the Presidential candidature of late President John Mills prior to the 2008 general elections.

He argued strongly that the late President, then only a candidate, was not fit enough, as far as his health was concerned, to run for the Presidency.

The former MP also supported the presidential ambitions of former first lady Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings against Prof John Mills in the lead up to the 2012 general elections.

He is largely seen in the governing party as a maverick militant who rocks the boat if he finds it necessary.