Gov declares zero tolerance for kidnapping in Abia State


UMUAHIA — ABIA State governor, Chief Theodore Orji, has restated the determination of his government to ensure that kidnappers never returned to Aba in particular and the state  generally.

In fact, the governor boasted that the state was fully prepared for armed robbers and kidnappers.

The governor said it was because the government fought criminals, especially kidnappers, out of the state that roads and other developments were being witnessed in the state.
Orji, who spoke yesterday in Aba during the commissioning of seven of the 16 roads he flagged-off in January, said  if the kidnappers were still terrorising people in the state, the roads would not have been done.

Recalling the bad state of Aba, both in security and infrastructure before now, Orji said better days awaited Aba residents, but urged them to always pay their taxes to enable government do more.

He announced that the state had introduced a single tax regime against the old system where all manner of people demanded for different taxes from residents, most of which ended in private pockets.

“We have introduced single tax regime. We are not happy with double taxation. Pay your tax and leave the rest for me.  My job is to give you conducive environment and ensure that you are comfortable.

“First, we have to thank God who helped us to fight kidnappers. If they were still here, we would not have done these roads and other things we are doing in Aba.

“When I came here in 2010, Aba people, all fled. But today, everybody is back. We have flagged-off 16 roads and we have done 10 roads under two months.

“I want Aba people to believe in government that tells you the truth, my yes is my yes and my no is my no. When we say we will do something, we will do it. I never told Aba people that I will do work on all Aba roads. I told you I will work on some roads.
“Any politician who tells you that he will build all the roads in Aba is not sincere, because it is not possible. We are bringing new things in Aba.

“This is a working government. I am not interested in praises, but I know that I’ll be celebrated,” Orji said.

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