Ensuring cash flow Iin the industry – Bulldog

by Samuel A. Baah, Flex Newspaper

The Chief Executive Officer of Bullhaus Entertainment Mr. Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson aka Bull Dog has something on his mind that has been his wish that all industry people will pay attention to one day to make the industry a better place to be. In simple language, he wants cash flow in the industry to be consistent so we will all be satisfied to do what we are doing with vigour.

The man who prefers to call himself the chief hustling officer is not too happy that some industry people are not getting what they deserve to get as their duties demand. Bull Dog has bemoaned the fact that everybody should play his part of the game well so we will be enjoying from what we are doing whether for fun or leisure.

“It hurts me to see that a journalist who is promoting the works of an artiste will not be paid right, why are we not being able to appreciate radio presenters and broadcasters after pushing our songs to the top, why are managers of artistes walking whiles doing business on behalf of their artistes and all that.

All these things do not auger well for the industry. I am looking for a day that event organizers will pay artistes what they deserve to get after agreeing to play their shows.

If this happens, what it means is that the artistes will also get enough to pay his publicist, managers as well as his promoters an all platforms.

In doing that everybody will survive in this industry, but if some people who call the shots want to enjoy alone, then a misfortune awaits all of us” he said.

“If the journalists or the publicist is not paid well, he will never write to promote an artiste but will rather look for something which will bring him down. If the artiste is not paid well, he cannot invest in his videos, recordings or stage acts and that can spell doom and even affect their performances. I suggest the industry should work as a chain where one feeds the other and even in doing that we the players will be sure of sustenance and existence. It`s high time we pay attention to some topics which will ensure some of these things are adhered to and we will always be happy as a people” Bull Dog said this after Talkshowbiz on Etv, a programme which seeks the welfare of the entertainment industry in Ghana and ably hosted by Dj Flexy of  Y-FM.