Embassy Of Isreal In Accra To Mark Israel’s 65th Independence Day Today

The Embassy of Israel in Accra will today celebrate the 65th Independence Day of the State of Israel with a cross section of Ghanaians at the residence of the Israeli Ambassador, Her Excellency Madam Sharon Bar-li.

The event will also mark the second anniversary of the re-opening of the Israeli Embassy in Accra after 38 years of closure.

In a press statement, Israeli Ambassador to Ghana, Her Excellency Sharon Bar-li noted that any country that has had to fight for its independence knows and appreciates what it means to be free forever.

As the hub of innovation, the State of Israelhas over the past 65 years led the drive for ground breaking technologies in fields of medicine, agriculture, communication, energy, and others, and has managed to attract world leading companies to establish their Research and Development centers in its territory.

On Israel’s relations with Ghana, Her Excellency Sharon Bar-li noted that ‘between Ghana and Israel and the two people, there is long standing partnership and friendship, since they were both young countries, aspiring to establish their independence.

Ghana was the first African country to establish diplomatic relations with the State of Israel.In addition the Ambassador said that Israel appreciates Ghana’s contribution to the peace keeping forces deployed in South Lebanon, Israel’s northern border’. “Therefore, it was only natural for Israel to land its hand and dispatch a search and rescue team to assist in the Melcom building disaster”, she said.

She added that ‘between Ghana and Israel, there are fastening economic and trade relations. Israeli companies in Ghana are offering top Israeli technologies in the fields of agriculture, water management, medicine, communications, energy, infrastructure and homeland security, partnering with Ghana’s both governmental and private sectors;

The event was will be witnessed by government officials, members of the diplomatic corps and friends of Israel in Ghana.

Editor’s Note:
About the State of Israel
The State of Israel has a population approximately 7.7 million people. With no natural resources, the State of Israel, which is 22,000 km2 out of which 60% is desert, produces more startup companies than Japan, India, Korea and Canada. A small country with a relatively diverse topography; consisting of a lengthy coastal plain, highlands in the North and Central regions, and the Negev desert in the South, Israel has turned its fortunes around through innovation and technology and is currently one of the world’s most advanced countries.
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