Dr. Nyaho Nyaho Tamakloe Discloses His Involvement In An Attempted Coup d’etat

A leading member of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr. Nyaho Nyaho Tamakloe has disclosed his involvement in an attempted coup d’etat under the erstwhile Acheampong government.

He revealed that during the regime of Ghana’s former President, General Ignatius Kutu Acheampong, he together with some colleague officers attempted to depose him.

But due to the dire consequences the nation faced as a result of the attempted coup d’etat, Dr. Nyaho Tamakloe described as “unfortunate” the assertions that Ghana may face another coup d’etat under the Mahama-led government.

“I have been around during Acheampong era. Myself and other colleague officers planned to unseat Acheampong and we know what happened. And the consequences also, we know,” he revealed.

A retired army Captain Budu Koomson was of the view if care is not taken, the nation may be plunged into a coup.

He was speaking in relation to the numerous labour agitations that have since characterized the economy.

According to him, the labour agitations coupled with the energy and water crises as well as some deliberate attempts to delay the election dispute before the Supreme Court may serve as an advantageous ground for certain persons to stage a coup in the nation.

A branch of the New Patriotic Party in the United Kingdom also shared similar sentiments and embarked on demonstration to register their dissatisfaction.

The notion that the country may be forced into a coup looking at its present state has triggered passions and Dr. Tamakloe, drawing lessons from his past experiences, believed strongly that the current state of the nation does not create a conducive environment for any coup to be staged.

He explained that a coup can only be possible when a government becomes power-drunk or under a military rule.

He alluded to the regime of former President Jerry John Rawlings who he stated, would have been overthrown if he had prolonged his years of ruler ship.

He therefore hoped a coup “will not come on because it might not succeed…Because the moment you bring this in, then you have division. It could be earthly based division. It could political based division and a whole lot of division. And of course, it completely destroys the nation. Look at the level we are now; 20 years stability, it’s not a joke.”

He further stated that he was placed in detention as a result of his involvement in staging a coup and therefore, advised the leaders in the country to condemn persons who make those declarations.

“It is the duty of every political leader in this country to come out openly to condemn this sort of assertion that has been coming out from people who really don’t know what coup d’etats are about…I totally disagree with those who believe that with the sort of situation, we find ourselves in now, it is or it creates a conducive environment for a coup d’etat. To me, that is totally wrong.”