Cop shoots driver; forces victim to pay for the bullet

The victim had to endure two operations to remove the bullet

The victim had to endure two operations to remove the bullet

Villainous, wicked and sadistic were some of the few words used by many to describe the action of a junior police officer who allegedly shot a driver and compelled the victim to pay him in addition for ‘wasting’ a bullet on him.

Touched by the manner in which the victim was bleeding, another police officer prevailed on Samuel Stanley, who shot the driver in the arm, to rush him to the Kokrobite Health Centre near Weija in Accra.

According to the doctor’s report, Victor Alfred Cobbina (victim), reported to the facility “bleeding from an alleged gunshot wound”.

Medical director at the facility, Isaac Lamptey stated in the report that the victim “was driving when all of a sudden [he] felt a sharp pain at the left arm and started bleeding.”

The report continues, the “wound was explored and several clotted blood was removed from a deep wound”.

Narrating his ordeal to, Cobbina, who is a commercial driver (trotro), said the incident happened on 27th December 2012 on the Mallam-Kasoa road while he was returning from the beach with holiday revelers.

He recalled that when he was taken to the Kokrobite Health Centre, the doctors there told him that the blood oozing from his wound was too much and was therefore given first aid to go home and come back the following day so that they can stitch the wound.

When he reported the following day, the wound was clear so the doctor on duty managed to stitch the cut and was discharged.

Few days later, however, he recalled experiencing severe pain in the arm, which he reported to the health facility again, only for a scan to detect that there was a bullet buried inside the upper left arm.

The doctors had to operate on the arm and remove the bullet.

The police never paid a pesewa in treating his wounds, he noted.

To add salt to injury, Mr Stanley allegedly collected from the victim an amount of 50 cedis for the loss of bullet used.

The victim told “He told me that once he has fired his gun I have to pay him GH¢50. I had to call a master of mine who lives around Kokrobite to intervene but that angered the policeman who said they would have ‘tampered justice with mercy’ and taken less, but for the fact that I have called another person they will not take less than GH¢50.”

He said the money was taken from him before being taken to hospital.

Asked about his offence, Cobbina recounted that the police officer told him that he had refused to stop when he was ordered to do so. He said even though he was not aware that he was being stopped, he slowed down his vehicle when he saw the police pursuing his car through the side mirror. Moments after he had pulled up the vehicle, the police officer released the trigger and shot his arm.

Interestingly, when the two police officers took him to the health facility for medical attention, they “lied” to the medical officers there that the driver was pierced by an object.

Meanwhile the police officer has flatly and vehemently denied the story, claiming it was a mere allegation.

“I have never shot anybody in the arm, he is alleging, and even reported it to my seniors at New Weija Police…it is not true, there is nothing like that,” Samuel Stanley, the alleged trigger-happy officer told

The investigator handling the case, whose name was given as David, confirmed that he has been asked to investigate the incident, but “I am unable to talk to you concerning the case”.

But is reliably informed that the junior police officer in question has been ordered by his superiors to compensate the victim. But when the victim’s family rejected his meager GH¢200 offer, he has since left the victim to his fate.

Even though visited the Weija District Headquarters of the Ghana Police Service on three different occasions, the District Commander Superintendent Shaibu A. Osei was not available to speak to and none of the officers there was willing to say anything about the issue.

Meanwhile, the victim is planning to lodge a formal complaint at the Police Intelligence and Professional Standards Bureau (PIPS)for action.