Cooperatives Coordinator at Millennium Villages Project

Location: Greater Accra Region

In an effort to accelerate progress towards the Millennium Development Goals in the northern savannah ecological zone, the Government of Ghana through the Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) partnered with UK Aid, and Millennium Promise to implement the Millennium Villages Project in 35 communities located in the West Mamprusi, Mamprugu Moaduri and Builsa south districts. The MV area represents the poorest sections of three District Assemblies.

Job Title: Cooperatives Coordinator
Job Location: Northern Ghana
UNIT: SADA Millennium Villages Project
Purpose of the Position:
The role of the incumbent will be to develop a strategy that strengthens the capacity of farmer-based cooperatives and agric extensions services groups to reach the critical mass needed to access and benefit from the financial and technical services; as well as other market opportunities to be offered by the Project for achieving sustainable agribusiness development in the SADA MVP Site.
The Cooperatives Coordinator will be based in SADA MVP site, Bolgatanga Office and the incumbent will be directly supervised by the Team Leader whilst technical supervision will be provided by Cooperatives Specialist- MDG Centre, Dakar.
Principal Responsibilities of Position:
He /she will implement and coordinate the capacity building activities for the creation of sustainable cooperatives and farmer based agric extension groups; which will serve as the vehicles for achieving sustainable agribusiness development in the SADA MVP Site.
The incumbent will:
A. Strategic Planning:
  • Facilitate the formation and legal registration of new agric extension groups of farmers and their Cooperatives and ensuring compliance with the regulatory and political environment.
  • Develop and implement a strategy and an Action Plan(s) to strengthen the institutional capacity of the cooperatives and agric extension groups of farmers in the Project area.
  • From the action plan(s), develop Annual Work plans of outputs and activities to strengthen:
  • The preparation and revision of by-laws for new and existing cooperatives and agric extension groups of farmers
  • The organizational, management and governance systems and structures of cooperatives and their agric extension groups of farmers.
  • Assist in the enrollment of new members into existing and new agric extension groups and cooperatives etc.
B. Assessment and Capacity Development
Work with the Project team and the MDG Centre Cooperative Specialist to:
  • Undertake periodic assessment of the status of the existing cooperatives and their agric extension groups of farmers in the Project Area to identify appropriate areas of intervention for capacity building and investment to ensure better functioning and self- sustaining cooperatives and agric extension groups of farmers;
  • Develop, organize, and supervise training for 1) agric extension groups at the grassroots; 2) the management committee members and 3) managers/administrators of the agric extension groups /cooperatives.
  • Provide timely technical, advisory and counseling support and advice to the agric extension groups, cooperatives leaders (management committee members) to enhance their managerial and functional competencies;
  • Equip existing agric extension groups and cooperatives with the necessary advocacy and dialoguing knowledge and skills to be able to face the challenges of the business and regulatory environment.
C. Strategic Alliances and Partnership:
  • Promote, build and manage relationships and partnerships with business partners, including financial institutions and prospective market links, to promote collaboration and partnership in the provision of services to the cooperatives in the SADA MVP site;
  • Ensure strong, effective working relationships among the various cooperatives stakeholders, particularly, government departments, the cooperatives in the Clusters, regulatory agencies, the cluster team and the MDG centre.
D. Technical and Policy Advice:
  • Provide technical and policy advice to Cooperatives extension staff, farmers, and the cooperative hierarchy in the SADA MVP Site by:
  • Troubleshooting pro-actively as needed
  • Analyzing how to mitigate new and existing agribusiness related risks
  • Ensuring that cooperative businesses operate in keeping with cooperative principles: voluntary and open membership, democratic member control, member economic participation; autonomy and independence, education, training and information and concern for community.
  • Providing technical and policy advice and collaborating with national, regional and businesses, government, and other institutions on policies to support enabling environment for Cooperatives business and smallholder agriculture development so to improve income growth and food security within the SADA MVP Site
E. Reporting and Knowledge Management:
  • Submit a monthly and quarterly Work Plan Implementation Report to the Team Leader and the Cooperative Specialist in Dakar.
  • Report on effectiveness of the agric extension groups /cooperatives in the SADA MVP Site and their ability to move forward to receive additional support for transition into increasingly value-added activities and enhanced productivity and profitability.
  • Document the development process (implementation) i.e. the organizational and operational capacities (before and after implementation); and lessons learnt.
  • Contribute to the program knowledge management efforts by organizing knowledge sharing meeting/workshops, with technical briefings, and preparing other reports to record methods being used, experiences and good practices.
Terms of offer:
MVP offers a competitive salary with an excellent benefits package. The employment contract is for a period of one year with the possibility of renewal. MVP prides itself on its collegial, supportive and gender sensitive working environment and believes that staff diversity promotes excellence. Women are strongly encouraged to apply.
Qualifications and Requirements
  • Undergraduate degree in Cooperative Management, Business Administration, Management, or other relevant subject;
  • At least five (5) years of relevant work experience in a closely related field gained in an international organization with experience in working with cooperatives;
  • High level of computer skills, ability to handle basic accounting and ability to learn new applications quickly.
  • Knowledge of cooperative laws is an added advantage.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Fluency in English written and Oral.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.

If you are qualified for this position, Send your CV to [email protected] or click to apply