Boston Marathon: questions after the horror – The full story –

Who would have imagined such a horror one day!
As Africa Top has just reported, this is consternation! A double explosion killed at least two or three dead at the arrival of the Boston Marathon – The confusion is such that it is still impossible to say-

A witness reported: “There was an explosion. Police, firefighters and paramedics are on site. We have no indication of the number of people injured “

The explosion occurred when thousands of runners were finishing the 117th edition of the marathon, in front of a crowd of spectators as the Ethiopian Desisa in men and the Kenyan Keptoo in women had won the race. Before this tragedy, there had been a feat of Africans. In men, the Ethiopian Lelisa Desisa won the race in 2h 10mn 22s. He beat Micah Kogo of Kenya, second with 2:10:27 and Gebregziabher Gebremariam another Ethiopian with a time of 2h 10mn 28s.

The women’s race did not escape the athletes in the Horn of Africa. The Kenyan Rita Jeptoo has become imperative in 2h 26mn and 25s. She signed her second victory over the Boston Marathon. She was followed by the Ethiopian Meseret Hailu (2h 26mn 58s). Another Kenyan, Sharon Cherop came in third with a time of 2h 27mn 01s.

The first images are terrifying, especially as this video posted by TV France Info.

A second video is even more overwhelming . A runner touched by this explosion will collapse when he was about to cross the finish line.

Remains a question? What happened? Is this double explosion was triggered by a deranged, or is it a terrorist attack?

Reinforcements have been deployed across the United States, including New York, which is on high alert.

It was a holiday today in Boston where families celebrated a national holiday. The balance will be heavier announced, three people, including a child of 8 years, and a hundred injured, some very serious. This is a new challenge, which views the American heartland.

The situation is still very unclear. Some American channels have announced the arrest of a suspect of Saudi origin. But the information was denied.

It was the 117th edition of the marathon. The Boston Marathon, held in the capital of Massachusetts since 1897, is the oldest annual marathon in the world. It is usually run on the third Monday of April. 21,554 runners had reached the end of the 42.195 km race in 2012.

A third explosion was heard on Monday at the John F. Kennedy library in Boston.

Barack Obama has intervened since yesterday, and he promised that everything would be done to find the criminals who will feel the weight of the justice

“We still do not know who did it and why, and we should not jump to conclusions until we know more. But know this well, we will shed light on what happened and track the responsible down, we will determine why they did it. The guilty feel the weight of justice. “

To be continued  …