Animals are also angry with John Mahama

Animals are also angry with John Mahama

The greatest news over the weekend was about how an Elephant came out of a forest reserve in a village known as Bagri in the Lawra Nandom area and angrily pulled down the 2012 campaign billboard of John Mahama and rushed back to where it came from.

Though the billboards were many, it was only that of John Mahama that the king of the animal kingdom destroyed and went back to the forest again. The question that many people are still asking is why the elephant did not pull down the other billboards.

The action of the Elephant, to me, was a collective decision by all the animals in the forest. So in effect, the Elephant acted for and on behalf of all the animals in the Animals’ Republic.

When Nana Addo allegedly fell off the podium during a rally in Kumasi, the interpretation that was given by the NDC formally was that he was to be defeated in the December elections.

Now that the representative of all animals in the forest, the Elephant, has pulled down John Mahama’s billboard in the midst of many billboards, what should be said about it?

For me personally, it is an indication that John Mahama will be pulled down from his throne and pulled out of the Jubilee House by the Supreme Court of Ghana soon. Left to me alone, the Supreme Court should pass judgement this week.

The other version as being told at various places is that, the animals are themselves going through some “economic hardships” in the country and thought of venting their anger on the man who is responsible for their hunger.

The action of the elephant was not by accident at all. It came to deliver a message. If it had pulled down all the campaign billboards in sight there, then the story could be told of how a “mad” elephant destroyed billboards of all the Presidential Candidates in the 2012 elections of Ghana. But this is not the case. The particular candidate whose election is in dispute in the Supreme Court is the one whose billboard suffered the attack.

By now, the President and his people should be making some consultations to find out exactly what the action by the elephant means. I don’t know how “almighty lawyer” Asiedu Nketia will describe this incident. Maybe he will say that the Elephant was a dummy one. Except that Ghanaians and other observers would only be wondering loudly how a dummy Elephant could pull down such a gargantuan campaign billboard.

Let’s however intensify prayers for our country in the wake of this occurrence to avert any probable evil omen.

I don’t have to belabour this incidence, except to say that a word to the wise is enough.