2015: Niger PDP zones guber candidacy to Zone C

By Wole Mosadomi

MINNA—THE Niger State chapter of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has zoned the 2015 governorship to the Niger North Senatorial District otherwise known as “Zone C,” saying it was not perturbed in any way by the merger of some political parties in the country to ensure a formidable opposition against the party.

Addressing journalists soon after the reconstitution of the PDP Elders Committee in Minna, yesterday, Chairman of the Committee, Col. Aminu Kontagora, rtd, said that with the development, Zone ‘C’ which was the Hausa speaking area of the state would produce the next governor.

“The resolution today which the party chairman has also upheld is that zoning in Niger State remains. That means, the next governor should come from Niger North and by that definition, Kontagora and Borgu Emirates will produce the next governor unless the situation dictates otherwise.” Kontagora, a one time military administrator of Kano state who is also from the zone said “my appointment as chair of a committee in the party does not affect the emergence of any candidate and so, the zoning remains.”

Speaking on the merger of some political parties to unseat the PDP in the next general elections, Kontagora described the development as the beauty of democracy which would however not make the party to be jittery.

“The PDP has been contesting elections in the past 15 years at the local, state and federal levels and we have never been jittery in any of such elections. We faced every election with the seriousness it required. Merger or no merger, there must be an opposition and PDP is ever ready to confront squarely, any opposition no matter how little it is in any electoral process,” Kontagora added.

Also commenting on the several aspirants already showing interest in the coveted governorship seat  from the zone, the chairman said that he even expected that more people would come, which also showed the beauty the electoral process.”

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