President Mahama alone can not do it all!

Feature Article of Sunday, 14 April 2013

Columnist: Kporfor, Jacob

It does not take one person to achieve it all, it is always a collective effort. What we need to fight is our culture. We can have the most beautiful and well designed democratic system but if the people are not committed to it, it will not work. Few question one may ask. Is it the president who authorise the horrible heaps of rubbish we have all over our country? Is it the presidency who allows the police to be taking bribes? Is it the head of the state who allows the civil service to be non performing? Or has he added his voice to massive corruption we are experiencing not only today but from time in memorial? Does the presidency support the intellectuals for that matter our lectures not coming up with intelligent and suitable educational systems to bring up growth. Our pastors using the basic psychology extorting monies from our illiterate and semi illiterate who believe in some magic powers somewhere to be their saviour? I can continue to ask up to thousandth question.

I was very surprised to get to know of the lectures strike. So the saying goes, in the country of the blind an eyed person is the chief. In my opinion the main difference between the rich and the poor is how the human brain is used. Nature has been so wonderful and present every individual with a special gift which we turn to all a talent. There could only be a growth when these individual talent are put together. Improper combination or refusal to combine them will certainly result to our state in Africa. Who says we are not aware of it! The next saying; if you can not fight them, you join them. This happened to be the next line of action our lectures have taken. Since our habit in Africa is far from reading I always will prefer to write shortly for the individual to go on with the rest. I will give a brief on my perspective on culture. The way a particular society goes about their daily activities. Who says Ghanaians have not accepted corruption as their way of life. Let the policeman get to arrest somebody for a crime. The uncle of the person calls the higher person in the police unit, if that does not work, they look for the girl friend to plead for the crime. Should that fail, the MP of that area comes in until that person goes unpunished. Another scenario is, when the formal President Kufour was chopping the money left and right, the Akan did not see anything wrong about it, when the Ewe man, Woyorme pull it up, they Ewes were happy that at least they have also shown their capabilities, therefore it is the time for my northern friend also and it is obvious that he will not be denied the support. Who says these are secrets , no matter how sensitive my write up me seem, it is the truth.

One worrying situation is my brothers and sisters who travel outside for menial jobs at the expense of the development of their countries. I think it is the cheapest way of life. Just to be able to eat good food and drive nice car in somebody else economy is no achievement. What we are talking about here is what contribution one makes towards the better being of mankind. To stay abroad, example demonstrating against anything, excuse me to say is one of the nonsense thing anybody can do.

The point is what is your contribution? If you can do it why don’t you stay to contribute yours!

It is long overdue when an African man takes up his own destiny no matter what. Another thing worth talking on is the presidential petition. If wishes are horses our beggars must be riding on the beautiful ones. Everybody has some kind of ambition, whether it works or not life has to move on. Why should Mr. Akuffo Addo be forcing his presidential ambition on all of us Ghanaians and wasting everybody’s time. What good has he done to Ghanaians in the past Kufour’s government. He should stop it, we are fed up!