Mahama’s ‘team Z’ ministers lack personality appearance

General News of Sunday, 14 April 2013

Source: peacefmonline

Kennedy Agyapong Npp Mp

Kennedy Agyapong has asserted that if Ex-President John Jerry Rawlings classified former late President John Mills’ ministerial appointments as ‘Team B’ then that of incumbent John Dramani Mahama is ‘Team Z’.

According to him, NPP MPs have no time to waste on vetting the Deputy Ministers nominated by His Excellency President John Dramani Mahama because they are ‘Team Z’ materials.

“So President Mahama and late President Mills, whose appointments are appropriate? If Ex-president Rawlings describes late President Mills’ appointments as Team B, then President Mahama’s appointment is Team Z. Who should go and waste his time on these so called Ministers. What are they (Deputy Ministers designate) going to do?” he quizzed.

The outspoken NPP MP had called into HelloFm’s “Akoko Abon” Political discussion programme to react to issues bordering on why the Minority caucus failed to be present during the vetting of some deputy Ministers designate.

To him, the current crop of deputy minister nominees lack knowledge and their personality not appealing.

“Consider the huge task ahead of us as a country and take a good look at the Ministers he (President Mahama) has appointed to rule this country and you want us to waste our time on them? They are Team Z, what do they (Ministers and Deputy Ministers) know, how can they manage?…how many of these Ministers can even represent Ghana at the World Bank, International Monitory Fund (IMF) to negotiate for a loan?” he quizzed.

When the host of the show sought to find out from him whether Ghana needed beauty pageants to negotiate loans on behalf of the country, the NPP MP retorted, “…first thing in business, personality count, you can ask any businessman; your appearance, the way you look, the way you articulate your views is very important and if you look at these Ministers, they lack all these. That is the problem we have and that is the fact. You can bypass a Minister and not know who he or she is”.

“…just look at some of the Deputy Ministers faces, you could see they have nothing to offer. They will be ‘boiboi’ to wit servants, in any international meetings. They will sack them because they are of no use,” he added.