Suspected Robber Lynched In Kumasi

A suspect robber has been found lynched in Kumasi in early hours of this morning (Friday) after embarking on robbery attack at Asafo, a Kumasi suburb.

He is yet to be identified by the police with his loosely body lying on the ground near the Labour Roundabout for hours.

He is kicked in the ass, the head and the legs with blood bleeding profusely from his nose and mouth.

When the Daily Graphic visited the scene, his humiliated body had attracted a lot of residents, passengers and passers-by who had thronged the premises to catch glimpse of it.

Some residents and passers-by who thronged the premises could point fingers at him as a notorious robber in the area.

However, eye witness account has it that the robber embarked on robbery attack with two others at Asafo but he in the company of the two were caught unaware by some neighbouring sympathising residents of the house which was attacked.

It said the robbers who were wielding machetes and knives forced their ways through but two of them managed to escape with fortune not smiling on one of whom was descended heavily on by a lynch mob.

Akua Sarfoa told the Daily Graphic the mob bruised him in the head and other sensitive parts of the body “to finish him at a go”.

“I wish I could go to his rescue and handed him over to the police but mob action was very intense that I dared not”, she stated.

Pictures show the loosely body of the suspected robber being victim of the lynch mob.