No Place For My Dream: A gift to those who buy from pirates -Femi Kuti

You don’t care anymore about the pirates?

Honestly, you cannot stop all these people on the road. Whatever happens to it in Nigeria, let it happen. I really don’t care anymore. I know I will not make my money so I consider it a gift to those Nigerians who prefer to buy from the pirates. Having known that I won’t make my money and still subjected myself to those stress of chasing some pirates. Why would I be meeting with those that I know are deceiving me? I have been here long enough to know that when they tell me good morning, I better look through my window whether it is dawn. To them, morning means night. So, why would I put myself through all that stress now when I know that people that are sincere and want my original album will get it if they care? Nigerians travel a lot and anyone who cares can bring it in. There is Jazzhole in Ikoyi, Lagos where you can buy my original CDs or if it is too far, you can get any of the CDs at the Shrine. If you are not part of those who prefer to buy on the road. But definitely, you cannot stop those guys and I am not ready to be chasing those guys on the road or go to Alaba to strike a deal with a pirate who masked as marketer. That means I am encouraging piracy.

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