My neighbour’s wife skimpy clothes are tempting

Entertainment of Saturday, 13 April 2013

Source: Adeyemi Adebayo Victor-GhanaWeb


We got this piece recently and since we love to be interactive, we decided to pass his letter public with the notion that some of our advices could help him out of his supposedly misery. Before you think of sharing a solution, read below the problem of this reader (name withheld)…

“I am in my late 40s and still single. I moved into this neighbourhood just recently. An environ which is cozy and fun to be in. I am actually living in a flat closed to that of a newly wedded couple. For some time now, I am at the verge of denouncing my spiritual faith due to what has been going on around me.

There’s something about this couple; they are so noisy when making love – so loud you could think we are in the same room. When they start with their gbam gbam gbam, you need a jury to intervene. Don’t ask me what I mean.

That is not all, within the few days I have packed in; it has been full of temptations from left to right. Aside from their merry-go-round habit each night, I have noticed to my shock that the pretty new bride wears very skimpy and offensive stuff outside their flat and doesn’t even carry herself as a married woman.

Now my question is: should I call the man as a ‘brother’ and talk to him on two serious issues affecting me: first, about their never-ending noise love making every night; and second, about his wife’s manner of dressing?

Or should I simply shut up and suffer the consequences of being a bachelor at my age?”