COMMENT: NDC & NPP must commit to fighting corruption

General News of Saturday, 13 April 2013

Source: Kofi Thompson

By Kofi Thompson

At 16:12 GMT on the 8th of April, 2013, I received an email from a Mr. Joseph Owusu – who had read a piece I had written, which was used that day, as commentary by Ghanaweb. It was entitled: “Can The NPP Offer Ghana Anything Better?”

His rejoinder to that article, led to an exchange of emails between us.

Mr. Joseph Owusu’s passionate patriotism, ought to be food for thought, for the leadership of both the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Judging by Mr. Joseph Owusu’s obvious disdain for both political parties, they would be wise not to take the many decent men and women in Ghana who lend them their quiet support, for granted.

Clearly, it is important for both the NDC and NPP to reform themselves.

They must commit themselves to doing something concrete – and radical – about rooting out corruption from Ghana.

It is obvious that Ghanaians are thoroughly fed up with the pervasive corruption in the system. Clearly, it cannot continue to be business as usual – if the NDC and the NPP want to remain viable political parties in Ghana.

To maintain their authenticity, Mr. Joseph Owusu’s emails remain unedited. Please read on:

Mr. Joseph Owusu’s first email:

” Re: thank you for supporting kleptocracy

“are u happy with john “corrupt” mahama? remove your partisan lens and see corruption and high level thievery for what it is. this is the most corrupt regime in the history of our republic. both parties have failed ghana and it’s time for our people to start looking for a third force. educated ghanaians like you and me ought to wake up and cry for our country. let’s stop being narrow-minded and ignorantly supporting corruption due to party labels and ethnic loyalty. i’m surprised you are not appalled and concerned about what is going on in our country.

“is the npp any better? no. but that should not stop you from condemning this kleptomaniac regime. what happened happened to the woyome case? how did mahama’s brother borrow huge sums of money, misuse the funds and have the loans written off? do u know about the guninea fowl project? do u know how contracts are awarded and how contractors collude with govt officials to overbill the govt and split the bounty? look, are u being real or you just promoting propaganda? do u care about the future generation and the welfare of ghana?

“what’s the essence and value of our education if we cannot be honest and objective in our views and analysis? are you on the payroll of this kleptocracy?”

End of Mr. Joseph Owusu’s first email.

In reply to his first email above, I sent the reply below to Mr. Joseph Owusu:

“Many thanks for your email, Joseph. I can see your undoubted concern for our nation’s well-being – and respect you for that.

But, no, I am not on the payroll of any political party, Opanin: neither the NDC nor the NPP.

I am also not on the payroll of the other parties in Ghana: the CPP; GCPP; PNC; and PPP.

My conscience is not for sale at any price, Opanin – has never been, and will never be.

Like you, I love Ghana passionately. When you have time read my blog: I think you’ll find you’ve been grossly unfair to me.

My article simply condemns the attempt at a power-grab by a few hypocrites – plutocrats masquerading as believers in democracy and the rule of law – who want regime-change willy-nilly.

And from what they say and do, will apparently stop at nothing to bring that about.

I don’t buy that stolen election falsehood, as it happens – and have no doubt the Supreme Court will uphold President Mahama’s victory.

In a democracy we change governments and leaders through the ballot box.

As for the President’s brother and his business affairs, I have no direct knowledge of the allegations you make – so will not venture an opinion.

However, if you bring me incontrovertible proof, I shall make sure the world gets to hear about it.

Yes, there is corruption in our system – and we must expose it whenever and wherever we come across it.

However, always keep an open mind, whenever you hear politicians making wild allegations of corruption, Joseph – because they are often based on distorted facts and plain falsehood spun by people with an agenda: replacing those in power by all means necessary.

Ghana will move forward and change for the better. We do not need military coups or civil war for that to happen, do we?

Yet, that’s what some apparently want. I don’t. Do you?

Anyhow, thank you for your email once again – and peace and blessings to you, Opanin.

Yours in the service of Ghana,


Mr. Joseph Owusu then sent his second email in reply to my email above.

Mr. Joseph Owusu’s second email:

“Re: thank you for supporting kleptocracy

“i don’t care about the election allegations; mahama is staying till next election in 2016. but if u want to tell me that you dont believe this regime is corrupt, then i dont know what planet u live on. was kufuor’s regime? yes they were very disgracefully corrupt. but so is this regime. u have to have the nerve to tell it like it is. forget party labels. the nation and its 24 million people are more important than party labels. you should be bold to call the mahama regime corrupt. your disdain for npp shouldn’t stop you from calling out mahama and his band of thieves for what they are. even jj rawlings is very disappointed at the wanton corruption of his own people. wake up kofi! ghana deserves a third force. both parties are rotten to the bone in corruption and are destroying the country.”

End of Mr. Joseph Owusu’s second and last email.

I then sent the reply below to his second and last email to me:

“Ah, earnest youth. Joseph, if you read my writing, I was amongst the first to call for the Muntakas; Wayomes; and sundry NDC carpetbaggers to be prosecuted.

I have repeatedly called for Mahama and his wife to publicly publish their assets. Ditto NDC ministers.

I have said in the past that it is an outrage that Asiedu Nketia sells blocks to the contractors building the Bui dam; called for Yaw Boateng Gyan to be sacked from his presidential advisor role, when the scandal of his tape-recorded voice broke – and God knows what else.

Both the NDC and the NPP hate my guts, as it happens.

I am an environmental activist who is furious that officialdom sleeps – whiles our natural heritage is thrashed by the selfish and powerful with impunity.

How bold do you want me to be, Opanin? Peace and blessings.

Yours in the service of Ghana,


End of my last and final email to Mr. Joseph Owusu.

Well, it would appear that both the NDC and NPP are drinking in the Last Chance Saloon. Both political parties must change – or gradually become irrelevant and wither away. To survive in the long-term, they must both commit to rooting out corruption from Ghana. A word to the wise…

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