Ame Ame holds the EC of legon by the balls

Feature Article of Saturday, 13 April 2013

Columnist: Friends of the Truth


“Ame Ame, Press on for a better fate awaits thee”
Despite the fact that we mourn the Iron Lady – Baroness Margerate Thatcher who died some few days ago, her replica and equally strong Iron Lady Ame Ame of Legon has laid an injunction on the SRC presidential election of University of Ghana. And this action of hers has shaken the foundations of Legon and sparked a psychological tsunami in the camps of the other masculine aspirants.

It is now evidential and empirical that the premeditated plot by the E.C of Legon to disqualify the hardworking and intelligential lady Ame Ame is foiled by the higher powers at Legon. However, what is surprising is, the defiant almighty E.C. is now held by the balls and drag through the principal streets of Legon to confess his incompetence and overawe personae to the great students of University of Ghana Legon. The questions we ask are; 1) Was Ame Ame deliberately disqualified in order for some persons to play tribal politics? 2) Or somebody somewhere has taken a gigantic package to pave the way for another aspirant? 3) Or was Ame Ame’s disqualification based on the capricious and homicidal principle of “Elimination by rough tactics”? In fact, someone must publicly answer these questions before a bigger button is pressed!!!!!!!!!!

In any case, many have tried hard in the past to persuade Ame Ame out of the race for the position of the SRC president, but her inherent tenacity made her to steadfast. Failing miserably in those attempts, they then resorted in creating the erroneous impression that her running mate is not able to make the 3.0 – GPA required. “Shame on to you all”, to set the record straight, Ame Ame’s running mate is an “Academic Shark” from the Almighty appetizing Business school of Legon, who has made more than 3.46 – GPA over the period of just 4 semesters. And he is better placed to serve as a Teaching Assistant to all the other aspirants. Thanks to God that the structures at Legon are democratic and effective; hence, the truth is seen. Who can challenge the truth? As we Vandals say, “The Truth stands”.

Yes, it is true that Baroness Margerate Thatcher is dead. But with this display of bravery and strong will by Ame Ame of Legon, Thatcher can safely rest in peace. For, we still have great ladies like Ame Ame of Legon, who can sustain the “political feminine flag” raised by Baroness Margerate Thatcher.

Nonetheless, we are watching with king interest the proceedings of the internal Supreme Court of Legon. We thereby invite the whole world especially those who are pushing for Feminism to watch University of Ghana Legon because this is where it all begins. Well, we are not cowards, either justice will prevail or not, we are watching and will definitely blow the whistle in due course. Remember, “The battle has just begun”.

Signed By:
Friends of the Truth
[email protected]