A tweet to ogyam…

Feature Article of Saturday, 13 April 2013

Columnist: Mohammed, Murtala


Ogyam! My heart ached when I heard Mr. Johnson Asiedu Nketia, the general secretary of the NDC, also known as General Mosquito say “any idiot can go to court”. Initially my brain jumped straight into my stomach, kolon! In that perturbed and chaotic condition, my imaginations stretched to its tether. After a while I came back into my senses, realizing that, mosquitoes are insects that are parasitic in nature and depend solely on other leaving beings by biting and scooping enough blood for their livelihood, not forgetting the poisons they transmit in the process. Alas! ‘This is the reason d’être of the General’s vitriolic tongue’ I said to myself. Perhaps these coherent invectives that come forth from the single hole on his face are jointly linked to his genes like Bob Marley and his cannabis; popularly known in our parlance as “Ntampe” or “Wee”. Do you remember that it was this same “Mosquito” who called 17 aspirants contesting the NPP Flag bearer slot in 2008 as thieves and lately called his founder a barking dog? No wonder his sinews are bulging with tremendous and gargantuan improvements since 2009 whence they took office. Ogyam, Walaahi! Power sweet!!
Ogyam, but wait a little, what is it that am hearing? Forgive my “kru” English; that the NDC has joined the NPP petition in court? Wonders they say will never end. To do what? Are they an extension of E.C. Ghana? Anyway it is their right to become idiots by “Mosquito’s” own standard. What show it will be; watching Phillip Addison, an astute legal practioner and Tsatsu, also a legal luminary albeit convicted, on different sides of the bench throwing legal jargons and intellectual ammunition at each other. It will be the crème Della crème of all legal cases ever. Methinks the Supreme Court should charge 1 Ghana cedi each to any and every one who wishes to come hear the final judgment delivered, don’t you think so Ogyam?

My interest really is what they are seeking for in Court. The NPP is seeking to reverse the decision of the Electoral commissioner in Court and also name Akufo Addo as the validated President while the NDC is seeking to uphold the electoral commissioner’s declared results. Whichever way you turn, both parties are seeking for either to arrest power or to entrench it. These two political parties care less about the people down there. Instead of thinking about how best to strength the institution to make them run their functions, they are only interested in their power and wealth accumulation. Rat- Race Bob Marley called it. I don’t think this is what the country wants at this time. What we really need is improvement in the standard of leaving of our people. We cannot continue playing “chaskelley” with the future of our children; we cannot continue with the “Dumso Dumso” phenomenon; we cannot continue to rely on providence on the little things that we can do for ourselves; we can no longer rely on the global corporotocracies, IMF and World Bank on a common and simple government policies.
The Be- all in these whole discussions are matters that boils down on reforms, i.e. future elections. We need a thoroughgoing overhaul of our electoral system. We need to adhere strictly to the constitutional provisions in our statutes, so that we do not get a group of “Jaguar Jokers” sharing the biggest political stage with serious minded politicos, and at the same time advertising medicines such as “AYARICOUGH” in lieu of policies. We need to go E- voting. That is the way forward Ogyam! We cannot afford to rely on bolshie Afari Gyan whose strategic methods of ensuring free and fair election is by relying solely on party agents and foot soldiers. What impudence! He might as well leave the declaration of the election to the foot soldiers since the constitution mandate them to protect electoral fraud…abi? After relying on these Party agents, He comes out again this time to say that any recalcitrant party agent will be driven away from the polling station because the law does not recognize them. Imagine Ogyam! Did you know that if Mr. Afari Gyan had waited a little for NPP’s evidence, we wouldn’t have been in this stale mate? This is because the NPP couldn’t have gathered enough gargantuan evidence to overturn the decision and John Mahama would have been walking chest high. Now see where we have landed? Our President is carrying a baggage everywhere he goes like a hunch bag. For the 1st time in history we have a President whose faith is hanging. Thanks to Mr. Afari Gyan a.k.a “Mr NO NONSES”. My greatest wish now is to see Afari Gyan behind the bar being cross examine by Lawyer Phillip Addison in order to render his egos lowered to the barest minimum. I know by the time he finishes answering the questions, he would have learnt that even when you buy “Ga” Kenkey to mush, “Shito” is added to it. Also he will realize that a blow inevitably yours, when received earlier will extricate you from unforeseen concomitant atrocities, for if you do not take it earlier, water is added to the blow. It is that type of blow that leaves you complaining to the blower that someone else has heat you with a metal.
The main reason for this tweet is to digest the words of a great man, Mr. Asiedu Nketia when he said “any idiot can go to Court”. To be fair to him Ogyam, he did not say everybody who goes to Court is a fool and he did not say only idiots go to Court. So by inference intelligent people also go to Court or can go to Court. The problem therefore is who is the idiot or how can we identify an idiot when he (idiot) goes to court? Now that the NDC has joined the NPP in Court, can we say they can both be idiots or vice-versa? Ogyam I will wait patiently for your answer but I hope you are aware of the adage “First fool is not a fool”? I don’t know the truth in that but if a fool can be synonymous to an idiot, can we also say “first idiot is not idiot”? Ogyam! please don’t answer. I suggest we leave it to the Chief Executive of the best block factory in the world, whose specification is apt for the construction of Bue Dam.
Murtala Mohammed
[email protected]