You Are “Crazy” And “Stupid” For Airing My Voice – Afari Gyan Tells Radio Host

Chairman of the Electoral Commission of Ghana, Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan can be seen from afar as a meek and mild person who would always maintain his cool in any heated debate.

But the chairman for the commission, showed his teeth to deflate that notion when the host of Oman FM’s morning show, Fiifi Boafo, called him on the issues of his ‘whereabouts’ and refused to disclose to him the interview was on air.

Before the real drama streamed live on Oman FM, Dr. Afari-Gyan had been telling the host that he was surprise certain people want to make an issue out of where he has been cooling off and feels it wasn’t necessary.

Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan revealed that he hadn’t signed up on roaming service on his personal mobile phone number and is in the country Justice Dotse finds himself.

Unknowingly to the Chairman for the commission, the interview he granted Fiifi Boafo had been wired on air by the production team and listeners could hear his voice clearly on their dials. Sensing that his privacy had been breached, Dr. Afari Gyan inquired from the host if he (Afari Gyan) was on air.

In a swift mode, Fiifi Boafo had wanted to brush off the question and continued with the interview, but Dr. Afari-Gyan persistently asked him “I hope you are not recording me?”.

“Are you recording or you are not recording,” he asked.

On the third attempt, Fiifi Boafo informed him “doc you are on air. Production has informed me we are interviewing you on air so you are on air and we are talking to you”.

Before one could say jack, a clearly piqued Afari-Gyan unleashed words such as “this is crazy, this is stupid and this is very unethical” and abruptly ended the interview.