Ways to use your sexy legs in bed

 Ways to use your sexy legs in bed

Legs are good for all kinds of stuff: Walking, biking, showing off sexy strappy sandals. But Olivia St. Claire, author of Naughty or Nice Deck, shares smoldering ideas for using your stems between the sheets.

Supercharged Scissors
In scissors position, instead of simply letting your legs lie on top of his, lift your top leg and support it with your hands. Manually opening yourself up stretches and sensitizes the tissue in your V-zone, so you’ll feel whatever he’s doing more intensely.

The Sexy Squeeze
When he’s on top, squeeze your legs together to tighten the fit and angle his penis so it targets your clitoris.

Leg Up
Drawing one knee to your chest during missionary helps him hit your g-spot. Experiment with one leg and then the other to activate different nerve endings.

That’s a Wrap
Sit behind him in the tub and wrap your legs around his torso. Take a cup and drizzle warm water over his chest and shoulders, following the trail of the droplets with your fingertips or hot tongue.

Finish Strong
This easy yet brilliant move helps you stay in sync during sex, so you have a better chance of a dual orgasm: During missionary, open your legs. It lessens the amount of friction he experiences, which slows him down while simultaneously increasing clitoral contact for you—bringing you closer to the finish line.

Thigh Master
This is a popular lap dance technique, because of its intoxicating effect on men. Have him sit in a chair, face him, and rest your hands on the back of the chair. Straddle one of his upper legs, rubbing and caressing his inner thigh with yours.

Open Invitation
The simple act of opening your legs as he watches can be incredibly powerful—just catch his eye and then sloooowly separate your stems. Whether you do it casually with your clothes on (like while watching TV together) it’s a bold, sexy signal that will make him lust for you.

Cross Your Heart
Lie on your back, raise your knees to your chest, and cross your legs at the ankles. When he enters you, press your feet into his chest. This creates a tighter fit.

The Butterfly
Amp up regular oral with this leg-alicious spin: Sit on an armchair and prop your legs open on each of the arms before he goes down on you.

Booty Call
When he’s just about to come in missionary position, wrap your legs around his back and dig your heels into the fleshy part of his butt. Not only does it draw him more deeply inside and activate the plethora of nerves in his booty, but engaging your leg muscles increases sensation throughout your inner thighs and hips.