Three-Year-Old Girl Falls From Fifth Floor Of Building

It was a horrifying scene Tuesday evening in Amsterdam when a three- year-old boy plunged from the fifth floor of an apartment building.

The boy died instantly, according to Kofi Nyarko, a neighbour and an eye witness who was speaking in an interview on Peace FM’s Midday news bulletin on Friday.

The girl apparently wanted to follow her father who was going to see a nephew off after a visit.

However, this became a misunderstanding between both parents since the mother didn’t want the child to go with the father.

The nephew realized the misunderstanding was turning into a fist, and so came in to carry the child in order to bring peace; however, the child slipped from his hand falling to the floor.

The Amsterdam police following the horrific incident arrested the parents as well as the niece.

However, after interrogation, the parents have been released; while the nephew has been processed to court.

The parents, the nephew as well as the deceased are all Ghanaians leaving in Amsterdam; however, names have been withheld.