Sack Us If You Dare – GMA to Govt

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has dared the government to carry out recent threat and suggestions to terminate the appointment of striking doctors.

General Secretary of GMA, Dr. Frank Serebour speaking to Citi News insisted that the threats will not hamper their efforts in demanding what is due them.

“Members of the GMA are ready to get our appointments terminated. What they keep on forgetting is that most of the doctors in the private practice are also members of the GMA and when the crust of the matter comes, they will also suspend their services and support the public health workers,” he stated.

Dr Serebour further indicated: “We have intentionally left out our colleagues in the ministry hospitals, who also benefit from the action of the GMA but we will include them and see where we go as a country.

We don’t want to get there but they can go ahead and threaten to sack us and we will see. I have said that sacking us is never going to take our certificates from us,” he added.

The Ghana Federation of Labour has asked the Government to sack all the public sector doctors who have gone on strike.

According to the Federation, it finds the intransigence of the doctors to call off their strike befuddling despite the illegality of the action.

Ghana’s labour laws forbid essential services from going on strike.