‘Roadside’ Traders To Stage Demo Against Njma

Traders in Koforidua, the Eastern Regional capital, and New Juaben Municipality (NJMA) have poured out their frustrations to stage a demonstration against the Municipal Assembly.

This comes on the heels of a demolition exercise carried out by the Assembly on Wednesday to clear unauthorised traders who have converted pavements and any available open space into trading places.

According to the ‘roadside traders,’ the majority of which are graduates but could not get any white collar jobs, hence petty trading, the demolition exercise would have a serious economic toll on them.

To them, despite the authority the Assembly holds, in a well organised human community, it was just fair that they were put in the know about the exercise, but this was to the contrary.

They explained that because they did not get white collar jobs, they went in for loans to establish their businesses, and that the demolition of their shops and tables would collapse their businesses.

But, checks at the Assembly revealed that the traders were given more than two months to pack or move their containers, ahead of the exercise.