Pay our arrears, pensioners beg Gov Oshiomhole


BENIN—LOCAL Government Pensioners Association in Edo State has appealed to Governor Adams Oshiomhole to prevail on the Local Government Commission to pay their pension arrears, lamenting that majority of them had died from preventable diseases.

An open letter to Oshiom-hole by Chief J. Ogidan, the acting President, said: “The pensioners are longer in the position to bear with the state policy of gradual elimination through starvation, hence we have cried to you to help us out of this predicament.”

He said the rate at which his members were dying was no longer acceptable, as they were currently in distress as a result of the non-payment of their pension and accruing arrears since 2006.

He said: “We know that Edo State governor is a Roman Catholic. Catholic Church has a tradition of catering for old people all over the world.

“We, therefore, appeal to the Archbishop, all the Reverend Fathers to help appeal to the conscience of government to display that spirit of the Catholic Church to remember the old people in the state and harmonise our pension and give us a life line.

“We believe that Oshiomhole has the means to solve our problems by implementing without delay the three point resolutions of the House of Assembly of March 1, 2013.”

He added that the failure on the part of government to uphold the provisions of Section 210 (3) was as a result of communication gap created by civil servants.

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