Pape Diouf: “In France, if we discard or remove Arabs and blacks, everything collapses! ‘

Pape Diouf, former president of the OM is visiting Dakar. He was this Thursday the guest of the National Association of Senegalese Sports press (ANPS) to discuss about his latest book, released March 6 in France, entitled “This is more than a game.” An opportunity for him to argue that “become president of another club in France after Marseille is unlikely”

“This book is neither a pamphlet nor a book reckoning” immediately insisted the former boss of OM.

Before adding that his objective “is in no way to polemicise around this book, that is why from the beginning I have heard all but I refused to enter a kind of game.”

Returning to the title of the book often provocative and insinuating another thing, he will say that “in this book we have often been interested in the small passage that I have reserved for Olympic of Marseille and the five years I spent as president without seeing the rest of the book (…) I do not exclude in the future to publish a pamphlet to answer because it will be like that. “

Turning to the accuser passage linked to the transfer of Nasri, Pape Diouf argues that “it is a necessary debate in the sense that on the 16 million Euros of the contract, five returned to Nasri and in case Marseille was not going to have anything ‘

The other issue related to quotas did not impress him at all. According to him, “this problem has been removed by ignorance or cowardice so misleading because in France, in all sectors including football if we discard or remove Arabs and blacks, everything collapses”

What will make him say that “having been the first Black president of the club in France did not make of him an exception simply because, other blacks or Arabs can do better than what he did “

Because despite everything “in Marseille, I’m proud of myself and fans still congratulate me compared with what I’ve succeeded. It is more important than anything else. “

O.DIARRA (Africa Sports Top – Senegal)