NGO Saves West Akyem Farmers

Lona Cross International Ministries, a non-governmental organisation (NGO), in collaboration with the Krontihene of Kwasi Nyarko in the West Akyem Municipality, Nana Obiri Opoku, over the week launched the Farmers Society of West Akyem (FASWAK).

The launch of the Society, according to residents, particularly the farmers, was long overdue, since the area was populated by mostly peasant farmers, who work without any assistance.

Launching the Society, the Founder of the NGO, Dr. Lona, outlined the mission and vision of her outfit.

According to her, her office was aimed at helping farmers in the town by financing them to expand their farms, as well as providing experts to educate them on modern farming methods.

Apart from farming, the NGO would help in the areas of education, sanitation and health.

The founder of the organisation said she was always in great pain when children are unable to access education, because of conditions not of their fault, but most often their parents are very poor and cannot afford to pay their fees.

Interestingly, the area cannot even boast of Junior High School (JSS) graduate, let alone a university graduate, which had affected the development of the area, since it lacked quality human resources.

In an effort to bring life and massive development to the area, the founder of the Lona Cross International Ministries said her outfit would closely collaborate with the other organisations to make Kwasi Nyarko better.

But, she was quick to mention that the dreams and vision of the NGO would be a mirage if te chiefs and people of the area shirked their supportive responsibilities, adding, ‘it takes a minute to dream, but many years to bring that dream to fruition.’

Nana Obiri I assured the executives of the NGO of his readiness to support them to ensure that new and fresh air blows over the place, and further appealed to the government to assist by building a senior high school for them, since they had over 17 villages in the area.