I ‘ll not leave PDP – Amaechi


ABUJA — Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, yesterday, debunked rumours that he will leave the People Democratic Party, PDP, for opposition party, saying the PDP is the only political party with national spread.

Speaking with newsmen after a meeting with Vice President Namadi Sambo at the Presidential Villa, Governor Amaechi also denied newspaper report that he had bought jets and helicopters preparatory to launch his presidential campaign for 2015.

Speaking on the rumour that he was set to leave the PDP, Governor Amaechi said “I am still in the PDP. I am a member of the PDP. PDP is the only national party in the country for now. Why will one want to leave a national party and go to another party?” he queried.

Speaking on the allegation that he had bought jets and helicopters for his 2015 presidential campaign, Governor Amaechi dismissed the report as mischief.

He said: “Why do you want to make that newspaper popular? It is a paper that does not sell beyond Abuja.

“The truth is that, and the Federal Government is aware, they gave us approval to buy two helicopters to fly around Rivers State for the purpose of security and we have done that, we bought and we paid.

“Up till now, they have not allowed the helicopter to come in. Maybe they are afraid that it is for 2015. Please help us beg them on behalf of Rivers State that we need the aircraft to be able to secure the people of the state.

“Again, it is not within our control, it is in the control of the Nigerian Air Force. Although we will hire a civilian pilot but Nigerian security will manage it, not us.

“How will you use what is in the hands of Nigerian security to campaign? You see the mischief? The helicopter is to ensure that Rivers State is under watch for 24 hours. It has cameras, so if somebody is committing a crime, we are seeing it”.

“The monitors are in the office of the Brigade Commander, office of the State director of DSS, office of the governor, office of the commissioner of police. So for Christ sake, tell me how you will use it for campaign.

“You can see a lot of mischief. As usual, people will try to dent your image to show that this man is not as transparent as he claims after all. We have argued about the first aircraft we bought, that is no longer a story. We did not buy two jets,” he said.

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