Government Is Reckless…Economic Indicators Are Artificial

The National Youth Organizer of People’s National Convention (PNC), Abu Ramadan has posited that the economic indicators that prove the country to be in a good standing are ‘all artificial’.

According to him, if indicators like the single digit inflation are real, the cost of living will not be high and so many organizations will not be on strike.

Abu Ramadan does not understand why the country is ‘so well endowed with natural resources’ yet its citizens are suffering.

Speaking on the recent escalation of strike actions, Abu Ramadan told Kwami Sefa-Kayi in a discussion on Peace FM’s Kokrokoo that: “If we have all those indicators and the finance minister still claims our economy is not good, then those indicators are artificial. If you have a country where inflation rate is single digit, and things are not going well; cost of products keep hiking, you ask yourself where we are going as a country. This also means on books we look good as a country but in reality it is a different situation all together.”

He said if you ask the ordinary Ghanaian of how the economy is faring, the response you get from everywhere is that nothing is going on well in the economy; ‘regardless of the fact that we are looking good in the books’.

He alluded to the fact that had it not been the ‘reckless way of spending by government’, there would not have been numerous agitations in the country and the economy would have been doing well.

“Government of Ghana has failed to tell the people of this country the truth and that is where we are because if he had told us the truth, this will not be happening. Instead of using the small resources that we have, government is rather using it on unnecessary expenditure,” he added.