Ghanaians are running out of patience- AFAG tells police, Mahama

Abu Ramadan

Abu Ramadan

Pressure Group Alliance for Accountable Governance is fuming over a court order secured by the police service to stop them from embarking on their much awaited demonstration.

Director of Operations of the group Abu Ramadan told Joy News the order is nothing but a “deliberate ploy” by the police to stifle their constitutional right to demonstrate.

After weeks of consultations, the police and AFAG agreed to the April 18 date for the demonstration with the latter feverishly preparing to hit the streets.

But the police say their attention has been drawn to the fact that the trial of the election petition case will begin on 16 April and sitting will be heard each day which means they would rather have to provide security at the Supreme Court and not for the demonstrators.

The police say they are under staffed and cannot provide security for the demonstrators and at the same time secure the premises of the Supreme Court for the trial of the election petition.

On Friday the police therefore secured a court order to prevent AFAG from embarking on the demonstration.

But Abu Ramadan said the police’s action is “unheard off.”

“Where in the law does it state that when a court is sitting the police cannot provide security for picketers,” he asked.

He said Ghanaians are running out of patience with the Mahama administration and any attempt to prevent them from expressing themselves through a demonstration will be resisted.

He said their lawyers are considering a restraining order at the courts to overturn the earlier decision.