Exclusive: Samsung Turns Accra Blue

After taking the lead in the cell phone market with over 80% market share and revealing Ghana as a priority market, Electronic giants Samsung, has escalated their visibility across the capital city by branding major landmarks. This leaves every technology enthusiast with nothing but wonder what the Tech giants could be up to.

Following the revelation that, Ghana is to be one of the earliest to launch the much anticipated Galaxy S4 smartphone, it will be of no surprise that the transforming of the city to blue can be part of the build up to the arrival of the world’s most populous smartphone.

Samsung Ghana has in recent times also take keen interest in their customers by introducing series of promotions and initiatives to better their lives and heighten their joy of being associated the top notch brand. The recently introduced ‘Smart Shopper experience which aspires to better the shopping experience of consumers by rewarding them instantly after they make purchase and the e-warranty which enables customers to check the authenticity of their mobile phones and goes ahead to win them prizes are classic examples.

The main Tema-Accra motorway is sparkling with blue, whereas the grand Accra Mall isn’t left out. In Osu the Dankwah roundabout and the Oxford street are blazing blue. Other places include the new Marina Mall and 37.

Samsung continue to exert their dominance in the areas of electronics and technology worldwide as well as their apt commitment to transforming African lives for the better. It can therefore be said that with the latest overwhelming branding of principal streets and landmarks could mean nothing but a new and even better innovation from the Technology Giants.