Black Starlets welcome MRI test by Caf

Ghana’s U-17 men’s team have welcomed CAF’s mandatory pre-competition MRI test on all participating teams.

Ahead of the start of the African Junior Championships in Morocco this weekend, CAF will on Friday conduct test on all players to verify that they fall within the under 17 years age bracket.

The Black Starlets team led by Ghana Football Association Vice President, Fred Crentsil says the group is confident of a successful medical.

“It’s a positive exercise and we appreciate CAF’s commitment to ensuring that players who play at this level are of the right ages,” Fred Crentsil told

“We [Ghana] already have the experience of the MRI test since we used that same requirement during the selection period back home.

“We are looking forward to it and are also preparing very well for the start of the competition.”

CAF’s medical team will conduct the test which will see the bone density of wrists of the players scanned to ensure an accuracy of at least within one percent under the age 18.

The 2013 African Junior Championships opens on Saturday.