Anyone Who Calls For a Coup D ’état Needs to Be Examined

The Deputy Propaganda Secretary of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), Solomon Nkansah has said the Chairman of the UK/Ireland branch of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is living in a ‘Primitive age’ for indicating that there could be a coup d’état in Ghana.

“After reading the story, what came in mind is, the man is living in a primitive age that is the reason why he said that. I hope he knows that statement is creating a bad impression on his own party. Democracy is a very expensive system of government. With the little experience, I can say democracy has really helped develop Ghana. Freedom of speech and all, so why would one wish for a coup d’état? In a nation where there’s a coup, it is really difficult to express you freedom,” he said.

The Chairman of the UK/Ireland branch of the New Patriotic Party, Hayford Atta-Krufi is purported to have given a strong indication that coup d’état could be looming in Ghana, if the John Mahama-led NDC government does not take steps to reverse the harsh conditions Ghanaians are going through.

Chairman Atta-Krufi who spoke to the media in London ahead of a demonstration Ghanaians in the Diaspora were planning noted that given the fragile nature of our democracy, the unwarranted abuse of power, and the massive corruption involving government officials; he would not be surprised if somebody takes the gun and destroy our hard won democracy.

Speaking on Adom FM, the propaganda secretary of the ruling NDC noted that, he is flabbergasted by such a comment from an NPP man.

“I am not surprise this comment is coming from an NPP chairman in UK….,” he said.

Adding; “Anybody who sit to think of a coup d’état, that person, seriously speaking with all due respect, we need to crisscross his brain. Because at this material time, when Ghanaians are