AMA Taking Pragmatic Steps To Curb Flooding – Alfred Oko Vanderpuiye

Mayor of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), Alfred Oko Vanderpuiye says the assembly is taking pragmatic steps to avert the numerous occurences of flooding in the capital.

Speaking to Radio Gold on Thursday, he assured the general public of the Assembly’s commitment to minimize the flood situations in the Accra metropolis.

According to him, the Assembly is adopting comprehensive measures to ensure that this year is devoid of numerous floods that annually plagued the nation.

He stated that the Assembly is setting up a number of projects in the metropolis to address the situation.

The problems of flooding and sanitation in Accra are compounded by the large population of the city.

Accra, which is sited on low-lying ground, experiences flooding annually mostly because of the poor construction of houses, usually near river banks, and the waste management systems that choke drains in the city with garbage.

Efforts by the city authorities to control the situation continue to be downplayed by recalcitrant residents, despite incessant demolition exercises to decongest the Accra metropolis.

However, the Accra Mayor has revealed some projects that the Assembly is undertaking to curb the menace.

He stated that the Assembly has commenced the construction of several drainage systems and some water passages in the city to ensure a free-flow of water into the Korle lagoon.

Also, it will clear the drains in the city to prevent floods during the rainy season this year.