Air Namibia rescinds earlier decision to halt operations on its Accra route

Officials of Air Namibia say they have rescinded an earlier decision to halt operations on the Accra route. Although its still unclear why the board of the airline took that decision, it appears the temporary announcement must have badly affected the airline.

According to reports by the Namibian SUN newspaper, the country’s Prime Minister and the Minister of Transport instructed the board to re-institute its Windhoek-Accra route. The directive according to them represents a resounding political victory for Namibian High Commissioner to Nigeria and West Africa, who had urged government to halt the planned to the closure of the route.

Addressing journalists at a press conference, Manager of Air Namibia in charge of West Africa,Peter Odai says they are back for good.

“Our operations on the Accra route continue without any intention of terminating as initially indicated in some quarters. The reality is that that decision was taken by the board sometime in the latter parts of last year but its been reversed” he said.

Asked whether it’s still cost effective to operate on the Accra route, here is what he had to say.

“It is but one must also consider the fact that the operations of an airline is not only seen from the revenue point of view because there are other multiple effects that bring benefits to the economy such as driving tourism into a country” he added.

Story by Ghana / Joy Business / Emmanuel Agyei / Paa Kwesi