The Church Where It Is Evil To Mention The Word AZONTO Or Bath With Soap – Anas Reveals All

Ghana’s number one investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, has appealed to the heads of the Christian community to join hands in one accord and offer fervent prayers for followers of the Messiah of Mentukwa for believing weird doctrines such as beating and forcing children into marriage all in the name of preparing for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Speaking on Okay FM, the undercover journalist revealed that he was stunned after he managed to maneuver his way into the camp of the end-time temple just to learn children are flogged for the least offence committed whilst the girls amongst them were forced into early marriage with some getting pregnant.

Anas disclosed that never-ending insults were rained on people in the camp who refused to adhere to prophecies and in some cases, people were violently abused. According to him, every member in the church was given a replica name of a selected disciple of Jesus Christ and were made to bear the name “Jesus Christ” as their surname. He disclosed he was christened “Joseph Jesus Christ” when he enrolled with them.

He added that members of Messiah “Mentukwa” never bought anything from the farm and used only naturally made items and fed on their farm produce. It was a crime according to Anas to use mobile phones, mention the name ‘azonto’, wear material sandals and use soap.

“Once I asked a believer if he had heard of the new craze ‘azonto’, I didn’t even finish the sentence and he reproached me and told me to get on my knees and ask for forgiveness of sins since it was evil to mention that word”, he said.

Although Anas criticized them for their weird way of living, he commended them for training the children in a manner that made them very respectful and obeyed every command. He also added that they all dressed neatly and the ladies never exposed their private parts.

He called on the Christian faith to brief followers of the Messiah of Mentukwa on critical issues regarding human life. He noted that they were not scared of anything and even when the police raided their camp to arrest their leader, “they taught Jesus Christ had come for the second time,” for them.