Rights group slams FG over amnesty for Boko Haram

By Nnamdi Ojiego

A human rights group, Youth and Conflict Resolution Initiatives, YCRI, has slammed the planned amnesty for the Boko Haram sect .

According to YCRI, President Jonathan should “draw a red line between politics and government policies.

“This demonstrates that the presidency seems to act before thinking of the impact of its actions. This could lead the country to ruins in no distant future.”

YCRI through its Director of International Relations, Comrade Efemena Agadama, said granting amnesty to the  sect would provide the group opportunity to rebuild their broken structures and re-arm themselves.

“The presidency should also note that granting Boko Haram amnesty and paying them huge sums of money means that there is a reward for monumental destruction and mass murder – there are worse implications that the government must evaluate before pushing the country into a legalised cycle of terrorism.”

The group cautioned those calling for amnesty for boko haram not to play politics with lives of Nigerians.

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