Reggie Rockstone welcomes baby on his birthday

Entertainment of Thursday, 11 April 2013

Source: enewsgh


Reggie Rockstone has welcomed a new baby, on a day that also happens to be his birthday.

How lucky can a man be? Surely, the angels chose no other day than today to show him love.

Today also happens to be the launch of Living the Hiplife, a book authored by Professor of Anthropology at Haverford College Jesse Weaver Shipley, at his Grandpapazz club.

Living the Hiplife is “an historical and social account of Hiplife, from the 1990s until today. It features the top artists and celebrities who have made this music into a global phenomenon as well as the underground talent that drives new styles”.

“Praise The Lord! I am da most grateful man today folx! My wife jus gave birth! Greatest bervday gift Eva! Can I get an “AMEN! We celebrate,” he tweeted.