Prez Mahama, NDC Partially Served With Affidavits Of Nana Addo And Co.

A member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) legal team, Victor Adawudu has indicated that President Mahama and the NDC have both been partially served with some of the affidavits of evidence filed by the petitioners in the election dispute case before the Supreme Court.

The action comes a few days after a member of the NDC legal team, Tsatsu Tsikata told the Supreme Court that they (NDC) had not been served with the affidavits and thus were unable to file theirs accordingly, as ordered by the justices of the Supreme Court hearing the case.

Lawyer Adawudu explained to Citi News that “we have not been given all the documents as at now. Some have been brought and they are left with some of the documents that are yet to be brought so partially we have been served with some of the documents.”

According to him, “what has been brought will give us an indication as to what is genuine in their affidavit evidence.”

He however clarified that until the full affidavit was served to the two respondents, the five days within which they are required to reply by way of affidavit evidence, 0will not come into force.

“We need to file our affidavit of evidence five days after we have been served… They will start calculating the time from the time you were served including the day you were served so that is when the five days will start…so if you bring the rest of the documents today, then they will start counting from today.”

Petitioners to the election dispute filed their affidavit evidence on Sunday as ordered by the court.