PPP Communicator: Government Lacks Focus, Doesn’t Know Its Priorities

The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) Deputy Communications Director, Samuel Amoako has stated that the Mahama led administration lack focus in governance since they cannot identify their main priorities and work towards it.

According to him, the health sector is a major priority which needs to be handled with much seriousness by the ruling NDC government since doctor’s strike can cause lives.

“The issue is that, the government does not know its priorities and cannot identify the most important sector to solve it issues. I am not saying other sectors are not important but government must be abreast with problems going on in the health sector and immediately raise funds to solve it so doctors will return back to their duties,” he said.

Two people are reported to have lost their lives at the Ridge Hospital on Tuesday as a result of the strike embarked by doctors.

The situation appears threatening as doctors at the Hospital seem to have reneged on terms of their strike action to handle emergency and in-patient cases.

According to TV3 News, nurses are attending to patients at the hospital but the situation may get worse for admitted patients.

Speaking on Adom FM, the PPP man called on the government to cut down unnecessary disbursement of funds which is not been accounted for.

“We have wrong priorities as a nation. If we stop disbursing funds so we tackle issues that interest the nation, I don’t think there will be any strike action in this country. We have so much money sitting somewhere that is not been used for it purpose intended for.

“Is rearing of Guinea Fowls the nation’s priority? Is tree planting more important than paying our medical doctors? There is so much money to pay the doctors. I wouldn’t compare that to the MP’s ex-gratia but that is also a serious problem to be discussed. Paying doctors in installment has been a cliché for the past years. If there is no money, they (NDC) should go for a loan,” he said.