Our Politicians Are Very Wicked – Kofi Wayo

The leader and Founder of the United Renaissance Party(URP) Charles Kofi Wayo has said that our Politicians are very wicked as he condemns the release of GHC36million by the Finance Ministry for the payment of gratuity for Article 71 service holders.

“The politicians are very wicked because they came to ask for our mandate to lead us and that they would put in policies and programs which would go a long way to better our lot. I did my part of the bargain by voting you and after getting to the Parliament House, you are holding me hostage that I should pay you.

“So I ask, why can’t the politicians make sacrifices for the people?” he catechized.

Kofi Wayo’s question comes on the back of a barrage of criticism that has come the way of the ruling class of the country after the news of the release of funds for each MP to be paid a whooping sum of about GHC200,000 each as ex-gratia for the Fifth Parliament of the Fourth Republic.

Though the total sum of GHC36million is meant to be distributed to all Article 71 office holders, the legislature has been the target of salvoes fired in connection with this gratuity particularly of the fact that the former MP for Asokwa, Maxwell Kofi Jumah’s comments which sought to suggest that teachers and Doctors cannot be put on level pegging with law makers when it comes to the hierarchy of this country.

This dictum, the teaching fraternity thought was unsavory.

Especially, at a time when the teachers were agitating for the payment of arrears owed them. The teachers went on to explain that Kofi Jumah’s comments confirmed that teachers and other professionals were being treated with total contempt.

In their view, that explains the excuses given them by the government represented by the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission (FWSC) for their inability to pay up the arrears owed teachers but mobilized a lump sum of GHC36million with alacrity when it came to the ruling class.

According to Kofi Wayo, it is this same wickedness of some group of people in this country that has lead to the uncompromising nature of the recent industrial strike actions in the labour front.

Mr. Wayo retorted any linkage with either of the major political parties and stated that he is an “independent minded person” as finding solutions to problems has nothing to do with any single political individual.

“Chucks” Kofi Wayo further called for heads to row in governmental institutions to serve as a check to incompetence and mediocre in the system.