Olusegun Maria Drops “Eko O Ni Baje” Single

Olusegun Maria

Olusegun Maria

At a point where thousands of Nigeria Youths seems carried away with Hip-hop music and even those doing other genres of music deciding to either quit it for Hip-hop or fuse it with hip-hop, Olusegun Maria M. Ayeni with the stage name Olusegun Maria has stood by his genre of music which HIGH-LIFE without unnecesarily fusing it or diluting it. He described himself as a passionate and unrepentant lover of the African music and contemporary High-life.

Olusegun Maria has officailly released ‘Eko o ni baje’ single for promo. The song encapsulates the religious perception of hard-core Lagosians and friends of Lagos about Lagos and her beautiful heritage. While entertaining, it aims at a more positive attitudinal response towards Lagos heritage by one and all. Lagos is the King; Lagos is Nigeria! We all love Lagos; Ko ni t’oju mi baje! (It won’t spoil while I am there). The contemporary South-West orchestral high-life number is from his complete Album which will be launched soon. The song is groovy, rich in Yoruba percussive instrumentation, melodious and dance-able.

In his words” I chose high-life not hip-hop because it promotes our cultural heritage, I crave to revive the culture and represent it to the contemporary souls; and, thus preserve it for posterity as a prime music heritage of my race. As a genre, it is most appealing to my soul and agreeing with my core African nature” he averred. So, he says his type of music his COYOR High-life. This is broken down as:

CO- Contemporary, Y – Yoruba, OR- Orchestral (as against guitar high-life, the other variation). Yes! It is COYOR High-Life.

His musical career has spanned ten years doing high-life with his band but not without his attendant challenges that makes it look as if he’s quitting music entirely. His last effort was in 2006 when he released a music video titled ‘Ikun Nje Ogede’, which had massive rotation on TV. It was a satire on corruption in Nigeria, yet it was entertaining and dance-able. The dark comlexioned African culture advocate said he is back and back for good to take his rightful place in the Nigeria music industry.