My tattoos are just pretty – Ama K. Abebrese

Entertainment of Thursday, 11 April 2013

Source: nydjlive


Winner of International African Film Personality at the recently held Screen Nations Awards in the UK and host of ‘A day in a life’ a weekly TV show which airs on Viasat 1, Ama K. Abebrese has disclosed to that her recent tattoos are of no significance as she only wanted something pretty.

Although many Ghanaian celebrities have had to explain reasons behind their tattoos, the beautiful Ghanaian actress explained the tattoos were just pretty to her.

An image which looks like a flower on the foot seems to have a replicate on her hand with another which looks like a star.

Scroll down to see the tattooed hand and leg Amaktattooooo

The tattoos look pretty. Ain’t they?