Miz Gold ‘Diva’ On High-Tech Red Camera

Most music videos shot in Africa are unable to catch the eyes of international awards, since they are shot with cameras which are of low quality for big screens.

Hollywood is of age due to incredible space of quality that the ‘Red’ camera brought to the industry in the United States.

But with the recent introduction of high resolution cameras, ‘Red Camera’ has broken the myth in movies, advertising and music video of low quality motion pictures for the creative industry in sub-Sahara African.

However, it can be said that the recently shot music video of Miz Gold, dubbed ‘Diva’, was shot with Red camera and promises to be a thrilling music motion picture with the best costume, ambiance and location, that music fans of Miz. Gold can’t wait to see.

The music video, which is a danceable one and has fashionable display of colours and African styles which are appealing to the eye of the young and bold to copy and incorporate into their daily fashion trends.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Miz Gold, she expressed her immense satisfaction on the video, shot in Nigeria, in Festac, at Golden Tulip.

According to Temitope (Gold) Omolola, the video is set to pose a fashion trend in bringing diversity to the African society.

‘Shooting the music video on ‘Red’ means we are going to have good quality music video. I am setting a fashion trend in the music video industry to influence the young and bold.

Miz Gold, one of the promising divas in musical circles is more than poised in making her career known to the entire populace. She is known for dancehall and R&B music.

According to her, the choice of this genre seeks to inspire love and dynamism for the music industry.

Although the album ‘Diva’ is not yet complete, she currently has six tracks under her sleeves – namely, Diva ft. Guru, Kokonsa, Whisper, TinkaTinka, Take Care, and I love the way, are all on the track with beautiful tunes and beats.

The Director of Timing Entertainment, Mr. Temitope Ajenisuja said the concept was a simple story with precision and accuracy, with very appealing colours in making the video an international one.

‘The music video ‘Diva’, which feature Ghanaian artist Guru, is a well scripted concept with  Miz Gold.