I Was A Dawn Broadcaster Winning Souls For Christ -Okudjeto Ablakwa Reveals His Other Side

He is largely considered by many as a talkative politician, who is always in an indecent haste to clarify issues coming from government, especially during the late Prof. Mills-led administration.

However, when the young MP for North Tongu appeared before the Appointments Committee of Parliament yesterday, he revealed the other side of his life, which is unknown to most Ghanaians.

Hon. Samuel Okudgeto Ablakwa told the Appointments Committee, Chaired by the 1 st Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Ebo Barton-Odro that he was once a dawn broadcaster and a preacher in buses, winning souls for Jesus Christ.

‘Mr. Chairman, I was a preacher in buses winning soul for Christ. I was also a dawn broadcaster in residential areas. I was doing all these when I was the Vice President of the Scripture Union from 1998 to1999. Many people don’t know this, but that is the other side of me,’ noted Hon. Ablakwa.

He recounted when he was once chased by a dog during one of his dawn broadcast missions, at an area in Dansoman Last Stop. The MP for North Tongu had appeared before the Appointments Committee of Parliament to answer to questions relating to his appointment as Deputy Minister-designate for the Ministry of Education.

His comment was in reaction to questions posed by the Committee on some of the things that he was doing when he was the Vice-President of the Scripture Union.

Born a Deeper Life Christian but now a Fountain Gate Chapel member, Mr. Ablakwa said the Educational Sector is one of the key sectors of the economy that needs to be transformed, and when given the nod as deputy minister, he would assist the sector minister to come out with innovative ideas to realize that dream.

Touching on what could be done to retain teachers in the remote parts of the country, Mr. Ablakwa proposed that the District Assemblies could hold events on quarterly basis to recognize the role of teachers at the Assembly.

He said there was high attrition rate of teachers at the basic level, especially at rural communities and that it was high time the country motivated them in a bid to retain them.

He debunked the numerous allegations against him that he has amassed wealth when he was in public office. He said he does not own filling stations as is being peddled around, but that it was rather his uncle, Daniel Okudjeto, who is into oil business and owes Allied Oil filling stations across the country.

He expressed the belief that the mischief was meant to tarnish his hard earned reputation as a public figure.